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Increasing e-waste – Are we Doing Enough?
Electronic waste also known as e-waste has become one of the most major components of waste material worldwide. It is used or discarded electronic devices such as home appliances like fridges, ...
Tips to prolong the lifespan of a smartphone
Owning a smartphone is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. As it keeps becoming more and more intelligent and improving all the time we don’t feel the need to own multiple devices. ...
Our Tech Addiction is creating a “Toxic Soup”
The pool at the bottom of the Lavender Pit pit is the color of rust, burnt red and bleeding. The pit is part of the inactive Copper Queen mining complex in Bisbee, Arizona. On the crater’s ...
On Apple’s ‘Batterygate’: Why Settling For $500-Million Is The Wrong Move.
'Batterygate' class-action suit settlement marks a missed opportunity. In the past week, news outlets quietly announced Apple’s settlement of a class-action lawsuit over 2017’s ...
Why buying refurbished devices is better for the Planet?
Between the new normal that is working from home and e-learning for students of all ages, having functional electronic devices is extremely important. But that doesn't mean needing to run out and ...
Right to Repair: The Last Stand In Checking Big Tech’s Power Grab
Back in 1972, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak designed and sold blue boxes that could circumvent telco companies’ billing systems in order to make free long-distance calls. In an interview years later, ...
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