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We shouldn't have to sacrifice the environment for great technology.


There is an issue always, have you noticed? Our preoccupation with getting the newest iPhone as soon as it becomes available is producing mountains of electronic rubbish.


Perfectly decent, high-end phones are wasting away in landfills or collecting dust in drawers because they never had an opportunity to find a new owner. By using a new platform – based business model that involves pre-owned, refurbished, we really would like to recreate 100 million new owner for such gadgets by this era.

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What is in the Revent Box!


One of our own engineers has examined and placed each revent® product through our 70-point TrueCheck®. So you can be sure that it is in excellent condition from top to bottom.


Additionally, each one has a free 12-month, no-questions-asked guarantee. By purchasing revent®, you can fight for longer device lifespans and decrease waste.

TrueCheck® Certified


Our industry-leading device certification procedure, TrueCheck®, is managed and approved by in-house, skilled engineers.


We can precisely determine your phone’s condition thanks to our 70-point diagnostic scan, ensuring you get the greatest price when you sell. And comfort when you make a purchase.


Both your wallet and the environment will benefit.

Promise to protect the environment

We want to make each phone we sell carbon positive by planting 5 trees and paying to offset its lifetime CO2 emissions.

Better value

Compared to new phone purchases, pre-owned phones may save you up to 40% with revent

Ecologically sound

We make each phone carbon neutral by paying to neutralize its lifetime emissions and planting 5 trees for every phone sold.

No Show Business

With free drop-offs at your home, purchasing a gadget is simple.

Certified by TrueCheck®

All of our products are thoroughly tested and with a 12-month, no-questions-asked guarantee.

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