Buy now and pay later in installments with tabby

Buy now and pay by installments with tabby

THEY LOVE US – you will too!

Awesome tech devices should not COST us our PLANET!


Folks, we have an issue to discuss. Our infatuation with owning the latest model the second it is announced is causing heaps of electronic waste and value obsolescence.


Perfectly OK, good looking, high end devices are sitting in the drawer or going to landfill rather than finding a new happy owner. We are on a mission to help 2 Million owners find these devices by 2030 and make them part of MENA’s circular economy.

iPhone with Box
All done, in great shape, waiting to be loved again!

What is inside a Revent Box?


Each product sold on Revent is thoroughly inspected by one of our experts against our 80-point TrueCheck® certification program before being shipped to you. So that you can be sure about the device’s perfect health inside and out.


TrueCheck® Certified


TrueCheck®, is an industry-leading pre-owned device certification program designed and operated by experts at Revent.


Its 80 points diagnostics check makes sure that the device has been inspected and cleared on all possible fronts before it is shipped to you.