Say NO to opinion based assessment, YES to data based TrueCheck®

After serving customers for the last 3 years and talking to them, we have understood that opinion based assessment of devices leads to uncertainty for customers. Output of such assessment is not standard, leading to bad experience at times. Because we want every customer to try pre-owned before buying new, we had to make sure that the output of our assessment should be almost exactly the same every time. Hence we designed a scientific device assessment standard focused on pre-owned devices. Welcome to TrueCheck®, a certification standard designed and administered by experts.
True Check Quality

We designed Truecheck® so that you can enjoy shopping without worrying about quality!

TrueCheck® is industry leading device certification designed for pre-owned and administered by experts. It has 80+ checks covering everything which needs to be tested in a used device.

That is why we say that let Truecheck® worry about quality and you focus on deciding your next upgrade with huge savings.

80+ point TrueCheck®

The new way of certifying pre-owned devices!

The TrueCheck® certification standard has been designed keeping in mind the holistic diagnostics requirements of a used device. We use this certification standard to establish the exact status of the used device in question without any subjective assumptions. This helps us in shipping only the items which meet the promise made on our website, assess the device if you face any issue and to tell you the accurate price of any device you may want to sell back to us!

The TrueScore - out goes the guess in comes precision

For the longest time, used devices space has suffered from traditional assessment and grading systems which are not data driven. This causes non standard output and hence bad experience for customers.

TechScore is our answer to this problem. TrueCheck® uses a detailed data driven approach to assessing a used device and assigns a TrueScore basis the condition of the device. This provides accurate, precise and transparent information about the device quality.

When you chose buy on revent, you get a TrueCheck® certified device

Every device sold on revent is Truechecked using the most stringent criteria which is constantly improving with time and improving technology. All our partners are trained and need to Truecheck their device before being shipped so that our customers have the same experience every time they choose a product from Revent. 


TrueCheck® Guarantee

How it works?

All devices you purchase from Revent are backed by TrueCheck® warranty. In the event of you facing any issue, we will either pick your device up or ask you to courier it to us. Our in-house experts will test the device and fix it if the issue is covered under warranty. If we can not fix it for some reason we will issue a like for like replacement. In either case you will have your device back within 3-4 working days since we received the device.


What’s not covered?

Stuff happens, we get that. However we can’t cover the warranty in case the device has been tinkered upon, rooted, dropped or liquid damaged. A list of scenarios where we can not provide warranty are:
  •  Issues caused by unlocking your device,
  •   Liquid damage,
  •  Damage to screens, fascias and surrounds (inc. fading and discolouration),
  •  Issues caused by third party software,
  •  Any components added since the item was originally sold to you,
  •  Accidental damage.


Battery life is only covered by the warranty for 3 months as the battery is a perishable item.We have extended and warranty and accidental damage protection plans for you protect yourself further. If you’re having any technical issues with your revent phone, email us at or hit the chat button below

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